A wedding invitation has dropped through your letter box. We all love a wedding but buying a gift for the happy couple can cause some anxiety.

These days, most wedding invitation letters include a gift list, usually from a department store or a specialist wedding gift website. Whilst these lists can be invaluable in giving you present ideas, they can also be something of an anti-climax.

Weddings conjure up images of romance, opulence, gaiety, joy, indulgence and emotion. Surely wedding gifts should convey the same spirit? Yet when you cast your eyes over the gift list, often you find yourself faced with a choice of buying a part share in a household appliance or a dinner service, or purchasing “hand towels (3), oatmeal”. It’s not very romantic, is it?

Even if you’re organised and are one of the first guests to try to order from the list, the selection of gifts can be uninspiring. Leave it late and you can find your choice narrowed down to a set of six tea spoons, a gravy boat or two feather pillows. If the impending nuptials involve a best friend who knows all your most intimate secrets and is always there for you, or a couple with whom you have survived many a wild night out on the town, a wedding gift of a set of four napkin rings doesn’t really cut the mustard.


Undoubtedly, wedding present lists are useful. Yet wouldn’t it be exciting to have free rein and buy a gift much more personal to the couple, bearing in mind that as you have been invited to their wedding, they are presumably family or friends and close to you.

Personalised gifts can be really special and you’ll find plenty of ideas at Not only will the newlyweds treasure them as romantic mementos of their big day, they will appreciate that you have spent the time and effort to look for and order a gift especially for them. So what if they don’t get the potato masher or cast iron frying pan on their list. In 10 years’ time which will they appreciate more – mashing potatoes with their rather battered-looking wedding masher or sipping wine from their personalised wedding wine glasses? No contest!

To a young couple starting out on a journey, setting up their first home together after their wedding, their wedding list will form the foundation of their shared household. True, everyone needs a few saucepans and nice fluffy bath towels to be able to function on a day to day basis. But let all the other wedding guests supply the household items while you use your imagination to find unusual and special wedding gift ideas.

You don’t need to look too far. At you will find pages of interesting, unusual and personalised wedding present ideas. Whether you want a beautiful wedding keepsake box, an attractive wedding day photo frame, an indulgent and luxurious gourmet food and drink hamper or a personalised wedding candle or bottle of champagne, you’re bound to find the perfect wedding gift.

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