Monsoon Fashion Tips for your super kid!

Step on to the streets, check out a crowded mall, drop off your kid to a birthday party, or even go for a play date with your kid and you will see that fashion is no longer a luxury meant just for adults. Right from newborns to school going children, every tiny tot is dressed to kill. Gone are the times when a kid would simply put on a t-shirt, pants, and sneakers and be all set for the day. The season of monsoon sees a lot of this fashion coming to the fore. Not letting the weather play spoilsport, listed below are a few handy monsoon fashion tips for your kid:-

  • Vibrant rain gear

Every child loves colour and the wilder the colour, the better. From fuchsias to sun yellows, they love the vibrancy they exude. So go ahead and buy your child an umbrella that sports such lovely colours or maybe a pair of gum boots that are both stylish and comfortable. Apart from this, raincoats and umbrellas that sport a kiddie design like fruits and dinosaurs are also quite a rage in this season. You could buy these products and more online and save some money using paytm current offers.

  • Waterproof shoes

Puddles and children are an inseparable part during monsoons. Allow your kid to jump into that messy puddle with their fashionable crocs on, and see the magic they weave! They are happy and even the parent does not have to worry about the shoes being difficult to clean. Other footwear options for a rainy day are sandals that have colorful straps on them.

  • Jackets

Hooded jackets are a must have for every kid, not only fashion- wise but also protection- wise. Such jackets ensure that the kid doesn’t have to brave the light drizzles of the season and catch a cold. A jacket with funny cartoon figures or the latest superhero design will delight every fashion conscious parent and kid.

  • Shorts and jumpsuits

The splitter and splatter that the rains bring with them is unavoidable. To combat this, why not dress your little one in a pair of cool shorts? Jumpsuits are a vogue this season and dressing your little girl in one is sure to add to her cuteness. Shorts and jumpsuits are convenient to wash while being fashionable too.

  • Cute hair clips and bands

This is one area where the boys are sure to lose out. Monsoon is a bad time to want to leave your kid’s hair open as you don’t want them coming home from their hobby class with their hair soaked water. Colorful pink, red, blue, yellow, or purple hair clips look wonderful on a little girl’s head. If clips are not your kid’s thing, then hair bands are the way to go. There are hair bands available in polka dots, vibrant stripes, and multiple other designs.

So go ahead, turn your kid into a fashion icon this monsoon with these handy little monsoon fashion tips…

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