The different kinds of ethnic wear for men

There are a lot of different types of clothing that are worn by men across different parts of India. All these different traditional attires are due to the influence of local beliefs, climate, different regional customs and cultural traditions. Most of the people in India usually wear a lot of embellished attires that are created from a variety of different fabrics. All of these attires have a lot of ornate and jewelry stuck on them. A lot of times most Indian attires usually have a simple and large piece of cloth that they can drape in a number of different ways.


Almost all Indian men usually wear clothes that are made from light as well as natural materials. Also very often the attire is just a piece of cloth that they wrap around their body. The clothing that is most popular for men in India is the Dhoti or the Pajama, the Sherwani, the Kurta Pajama  and the Lungi.

One of the more traditional attires of men in India is the dhoti. The dhoti is extremely popular in villages. The dhoti is basically a piece of cotton fabric that is generally 4-6 feet long. When men drape themselves in a dhoti it is almost like in a skirt. They can also belt the dhoti. The dhoti is actually much more comfortable to wear in the Indian climate than any other sort of trousers. The dhoti is usually worn with a shirt. In southern India the dhoti is also known as the dhotar or the mundu. It has a lot of different varieties in the Northern and Central regions of the country such as the Panch, the lungi or the veshti. The mundu is actually always white in color. The mundu is actually a piece of clothing that is long. It goes up to the ankles. But you will find men who often wear it tucked up to only the knee-length.  Tucked mundu is more comfortable if you are someone who is working in a field or even working at a workshop.

The Lungi also is a piece of cloth that is made from cotton or silk. The lungi can be draped around the body or it can even be stitched and then it can be worn like a skirt. Both the variants of the lungi are extremely popular among all Indian men.

The other most popular traditional attire among Indian men is the sherwani. The sherwani is actually a long jacket and it is similar to a coat that has exposed buttons throughout the whole length of the sherwani. Sherwani is actually worn just till below the knee. The sherwani also has a stand-up collar. The sherwani is actually worn usually with tight-fitting trousers that are called  churidars. The sherwani is clothing that is used for official events such as weddings. The color of the sherwani is usually light ivory, or cream and sometimes golden. It is mostly ornate and embroidered richly.

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