Celebrating RakshaBandhanWith These 10 Famous Sweets

Any Indian festival is incomplete without sweets. There are certain sweets that are identified with some kind of festivals, like laddoo for Ganesh Chaturthi, Gujiya for Holi, etc. but for those festivals, where no specific sweet is assigned, one can include anything and everything. RakshaBandhan is one of those festivals that can be celebrated with rakhisweets of all sorts. All you need to do is identify the favorite sweets of your brothers and sisters and then buy rakhi with sweets online. For prevalence of sweetness in our lives, sweets are served along main courses and we welcome guests in our home with sweets for the same purpose. Just the way our hot and chilly foods are famous in and out India, our sweets are also equally famous.

Rakhi with Sweets

Here is a list of those sweets that you can buy for your siblings and spend a great time relishing on them in the season of rakshabandhan.


  1. Kaju Barfi: A rhombus shaped sweet delicacy made out of cashew paste is an important sweet in all our celebrations. Milk is thickened and some dry spices are also used to get the Kaju Barfi. Other sweets made out of cashews are – Kaju Roll and Kaju Katli. And these sweets made out of cashews are one of the most expensive ones. So, as a rakhi gift KajuBarfi would be great.

Rakhi Sweets1. DodhaBarfi: The other name of this sweet is Punjabi Milk Fudge and it is one of the very tasty sweet dish of our country. Cracked wheat, cocoa powder, almonds, pistachios, sugar, heavy milk, and milk are used to get the Indian version of fudge cake. This sweet delicacy would make your brothers and sisters very happy. So, don’t forget to get this one for rakshabandhan celebration.

2.Mysore Pak: As it originated in Mysore of South India, its called Mysore Pak. Gram flour, sugar, clarified butter, and cardamom gives a unique aroma to this sweet dish and makes it a must in your platter when you are celebrating with your loved ones.

Rakhi with Sweets Online3. MotichoorKeLaddoo: This is the most common type of sweet that is offered to God and then distributed to people as Prasad. For offering your rakhi pooja you can use this sweet and serve your siblings later. The boondi or small balls of besan/gram flour are prepared first to make moderate sized dumplings with sugar syrup and clarified butter.

4. Milk Cake: Primary constituent of this sweet dish is milk and is one of the most delicious sweet dish of our celebration. Milk, sugar, lime juice, pistachios, butter, and cardamom are used to get a cake shape. One can make this simple sweet at home.

When your mood is already happy during rakshabandhan, get these rakhi sweets to heighten the joy of your mind.

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