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Would you dare to inject bingo into your wardrobe? Nowadays, bingo is not just a game that you can play, but it’s something you can wear too. Yes, fashion is forever changing, and currently, the latest fashionable clothes seem to have been imported aboard a time machine from the golden era of the 1950’s to the 1990’s. No more are subtle and subdued clothing in vogue. The latest fashion trend are patterned, loud, along with matching prints, and all things retro! The game of bingo may be trendy with all generations now in many ways, however it is still seen as a traditional retro game, meaning that with a few tweaks and mixing of clothing and accessories with bingo, you may dress in trendy pieces with a retro look.

To find some inspiration of those good old vintage days, there is no better way than to head to, a new online bingo site. Bingo Extra has adopted the overall fashion sense of the 1950s, and retro style is what you can find in every single corner of the site. The hosted bingo rooms are a concoction of vintage years such as The Diner, Penny Arcade, Drive In, and Candy Store. And the prebuy rooms such as The Playground and The Jukebox also have the flavours of the 50s.

If you choose to go for a popular casual outfit, there is nothing better than a combination of an oversized bingo t-shirt combined with jeans or leggings, plimsolls or ankle boots, and a satchel bag. If you want to grab your oversized bingo t-shirts and apparel online, you may simply head to the online fashion boutique, where you will find a large collection of bingo clothing and fashion items. You may also upload for favourite bingo design and get it printed to a plain oversized t-shirt, and this can be done on numerous websites. A colourful and loud bingo themed graphic emblazoned on the front of your t-shirt would give you the perfect trendy retro look.

Accessories are as important as clothing when it comes to fashion, and the world of fashion is all about retro jewelleries right now. So start injecting some bingo into your wardrobe, with just a few carefully chosen accessories that can add the ideal amount of vintage to your outfit. You may find retro felt tip dabber style pen necklaces, scarves covered in bingo balls or number, and even bingo ball studs and earrings on the high street or from various accessories outlets online. Sometimes you can make your retro outfit dazzle with just one of these accessories. You can make so much from so little when crafting your very own accessories in a DIY style, which is actually quite trendy.  You may get some colourful bingo ball-like beads along with some cords to craft your homemade bingo bracelet or drop earnings.

Don’t hesitate to head to the vintage clothing shops, charity shops, personalised clothing shops, or even eBay to scour for the perfect bingo items and clothing. Don’t forget that you can get crafty as well by using your imagination to produce awesome bingo accessories that will match your retro outfit.

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