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Knowles about style: Solange takes another winning fashion risk in bright yellow pants and skirt for NYC Pride Week bash

She is certainly not afraid of taking risks when it comes to fashion.

On Thursday, Solange Knowles just about got it right again in as she stepped out in bright yellow pants and a skirt to host a party in New York City.

The 29-year-old singer teamed her eye-catching bottom wear with a tan wrap-around blouse with wide lapels.

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She wore lemon: Solange Knowles brightened up a New York City Pride Week party on Thursday in New York City


She wore lemon: Solange Knowles brightened up a New York City Pride Week party on Thursday in New York City

The younger sister of 33-year-old Beyonce completed her look with white heels for the NYC Pride Week party held at Kiehl’s flagship store.

Solange had her short curly hair down and added a pop of colour with bright red lipstick.

The I Decided singer turned 29 on Wednesday and took to social media to thank well wishers.

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What I wore this week: summer gothic

Jess on festival wear

Is festival fashion still a thing? It isn’t what it was (and praise be for that), but if there is one day a year when it is still relevant, then Glastonbury Saturday is surely that day. There really hasn’t been anything to say about festival fashion in forever, because it’s been hotpants plus wellies plus edgy top referencing either 70s boho or 90s rave, big earrings and a fringed cross-body bag. Kate Moss always wears something awesome, and everyone else spends the rest of the summer in less awesome versions of whatever Kate Moss wore, and that’s about all there is to it.

But this summer, festival fashion finally has a new look, for the first time in about six years. I’m calling it summer gothic. (And before anybody starts writing in, I use the word gothic in the loosest sense and mean no offence to subcultures, living or dead.) Your fashion coordinates are as follows: it’s what boho would look like now, if it were designed by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and worn by Kendall Jenner. In other words, it has nothing to do with the Camden Market goth aesthetic and everything to do with Cara Delevingne in odd earrings and those tight side braids that look like an undercut.

Summer gothic makes no actual sense at all, because you can’t do goth in the sunshine. And the hoisted-on-to-boyfriend’s-shoulders, singing-along-to-the-chorus mode of festival girldom doesn’t have a lot of common ground with the Camden Market vibe. But then, hotpants and wellies make no sense, either. None of this matters. Nothing has to make sense at a festival. A touch of weirdness is right and proper. That’s pretty much the whole point.

Summer gothic can be black, in which case it should be semi-sheer rather than heavy. Or it could have a plunging neckline, or cutouts, if your abs can take it. Anything to lighten it up a bit, basically. But so fast and loose are we playing with the idea of gothic here that summer gothic also comes in white: try a lace dress with a high neck, and toughen it up by swapping ballet pumps for Converse. Or wellies, if you must.

• Jess wears dress, £250, Heels, £75, Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Laurence Close at Carol Hayes Management.

Kelly Osbourne on Melissa Rivers Joining Fashion Police: ‘This Is What Should Have Happened from Day One’


“This is what should have happened from day one,” Osbourne, 30, told PEOPLE at Logo TV’s Trailblazer Honors in New York City on Thursday. “Melissa always should have been there.”

The former Fashion Police host calls Rivers’ move to the pane, “the right decision.”

“When [Melissa] called me to tell me, I was like screaming, jumping up and down because I’m like, continue the legacy!” Osbourne said.

Even with Rivers joining the E! show as an official host, Osbourne says she won’t miss being on the panel.

Kelly Osbourne on Melissa Rivers Joining Fashion Police: 'This Is What Should Have Happened from Day One'| TV News, Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers

Kelly Osbourne at Logo TV’s Trailblazers


“I will always, always love, love, love the time I spent working with Joan [Rivers] and George [Kotsiopoulos] and Melissa,” she said. “They’re the most incredible people. They’re still part of my family.”

Notably missing from that statement is Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic. Osbourne previously told PEOPLE that Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s dreadlocks were “really heartbreaking”

RELATED VIDEO: Sharon Osbourne Reveals Why Her Daughter LeftFashion Police: ‘Everybody Was Trying to Be Different than What They Were

 While she won’t miss being a panelist, Osbourne said she is “forever grateful to E! for giving me the opportunity to work with not only one of my idols, but somebody that became like my grandmother for five and a half years.”

“It was time for me to move on, but it was time for Melissa to take that spot,” she added.

The Prince George Effect, Beware the Pants and a Fashion Statement — Not

Is there any (more) room for me in those jeans?

After a pair of skinny jeans “likely potentiated” one woman’s “tibial neuropathies by causing a compartment syndrome as the lower leg swelled,” according to a report printed in the journal Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Vanessa Friedmanfielded Qs — and reasoned, “skinny jeans are one thing, jeans that actually inhibit movement something else.”

Law & Order: RTW

The Fordham University School of Law is now offering a Master of Law in Fashion (L.L.M.).

Rick Owens strikes a poser

On the designer’s spring/summer 2016 men’s runway, a model held up a sign that read, “Please Kill Angela Merkel — Not.” A displeased Owens called the catwalker “crazy” and “rogue,” and told WWD, “Please say that I punched him.”

Ooh na na, what’s my name™

Rihanna, the trademark holder of “Fenty Clothing,” “Fenty Cosmetics” and “Fenty Apparel” registered the phrase “$CHOOL KILLS” and the Internet decided she’d be launching a fashion line. Here’s an explainer, the significant line being, “SHE MAY NEVER DO IT, GUYS” — “IT,” as in, launch a fashion line.

Zara’s low profiling

To no one’s surprise, the chain’s employees allegedly trail black customers around its stores.

Vote for Alexander Wang

For its 10-year anniversary, the brand will rerelease a selection of voted-upon pieces.

H&M is for How Mysterious

The company’s C.E.O., Karl-Johan Persson, said Hennes & Mauritz might introducesome sort of brand come 2017 that “will be completely different from H&M.”

HRH got the look attributes a “1,500 percent” increase in sales of Crocband clogs to Prince George of Cambridge, and I’m not going to say anything about the child’s shoes because I am the bigger person (physically).

Monsoon fashion must-haves

Finally, as the rain gods makes a late yet an impressive entry, giving us all the much needed respite from the heat, it’s time to quickly update our monsoon wardrobe.

While the season wants us to make the most of the brightest and vibrant outfits, there are certain fashion staples then cannot be given be a miss during monsoon. So here are certain monsoon fashion must haves.

1. Big bright umbrellas: Not only does these umbrellas go out of style, but these umbrellas are extremely helpful to save you from rains. The bigger the umbrella the more it will help you from rains. A bright colour with quirky prints will add on the fun quotient.

2. Shorts and culottes: Not only are shorts, skrits or culottes easily manageable, there are many patterns, colours and lengths which can be adjusted as per your need. For office wear, midi-skirts or culottes can make a manageable and an easy option.

3. Tanks and loose tees: Sleeves tank tops and loose t-shirts sure are the most sort after options during rains. Shorts with tank tops or skirts with tank tops makes for a great rainy day ensemble choice.

4. Opt for cotton: Cotton as a fabric is easily manageable during such a climate. Not only is this fabric very comfortable, but can be easily washed and dried, which is one of the main concerns during monsoons.

5. Sneakers, flip-flops: Nothing brightens up a dull day like a funky and colourful pair of sneakers or flip-flops. Also these shoes are easy to put on, remove and dries up fast during this weather.

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Fashion designers are trying to get you wear high-end fanny packs


You wanna know what’s all the rage in Paris right now? Fanny packs.

On the first day of the spring 2016 men’s collections in the City of Light, no less esteemed or trendsetting a fashion house than Valentino sent a handful of fanny packs down the runway. These came in the traditional shape (that flat-topped ellipse that’s pinched at both ends), but they also proved pretty interesting boiled down to the spare form of leather envelopes on belts.

But Valentino wasn’t an isolated incident. A fanny pack, slung across the chest instead of around the waist, was included as an accessory in theLemaire show, below left. (It’s important to note that the designer, Christophe Lemaire, used to be the artistic director at Hermes, a company that knows how to sell a bag.) It also showed up in a slightly newer form-with the actual bag portion folded over the strap-at the Carvenpresentation.

And if you’re not keen on the idea of carrying around your keys and other essentials in a fanny pack just yet, give it time. These things won’t be in stores until next spring, so you have a while to warm up to the idea.

A street of deadly sins in Paris

A shop window display at Hermès on the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris, in 2012.

The most crowded street in Paris this week has been the Faubourg St Honoré, whose shopkeepers are holding a competition in window-dressing of which the theme must be one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins. The pavements are only clear before such buildings as the Palace of the Elysée and the British Embassy, since neither M. Vincent Auriol nor Sir Oliver Harvey is competing.

The biggest success is a Sleeping Beauty (accompanied by sleeping king, queen, courtiers, scullions and guards), exemplifying Sloth, that occupies the whole shop-window of a dealer in curios. On either side of the shop parents with children piled on their shoulders, not to mention unaccompanied adults, completely block the pavement in the hope of getting near some time, while, to their and the motorists’ annoyance, light-footed and wary gatecrashers only too often slip in front of them from the roadway when part of the crowd that has got to the window regretfully breaks away.

The Display in Detail
Glovers have concentrated on Avarice – beautifully gloved hands reaching for piles of gold. The leather shop at the corner of the Rue Boissy d’Anglas which has so long distinguished itself for window-dressing, and which never forgets that it began as a saddlers, has illustrated all the Seven Sins with Houyhnhnms sinking sadly into Yahoodom under the influence of the Yahoos’ clothes that they are wearing. A wool shop illustrates Sloth by a charming drawing of a girl with folded hands placed in a many coloured jungle of unwound skeins of wool, while a haberdasher, choosing the same theme, shows the protruding legs of a young gentleman asleep on a sofa, while the floor and chairs are scattered with socks, ties, and shirts he is too lazy to put away. Lust is a charming Leda (wearing a transparent nylon cape) with her swan.

The theme Greed has brought together wonderful collections of old plates painted with fruit and other good things to eat of pears, pineapples, salmons and lobsters in porcelain or wax. The best window of all is perhaps that of a shoe shop showing Cinderella’s abandoned shoe on the royal staircase, and the long rows of busts that flanked the august descent, pale, as Perrault declared them to be, with Jealousy of the beauty they had just seen pass them.


Illawarra model speaks out on fashion industry’s ‘sleazy’ side


An Illawarra model has spoken out against the fashion industry’s “sleazy” side, after an encounter with a fashion designer accused of groping his models.

Multiple models have accused Shardz Houranis of verbal abuse, exploitation and inappropriate touching.

The women have rallied on a Facebook page after pictures emerged showing Mr Houranis grabbing at a swimsuit-clad woman during a photo shoot.

Maddi, 20, of Corrimal, told the Mercury the images backed up her own observations.

She attended a Christmas-themed bikini shoot with Mr Houranis and four other models in late 2014, after he accessed her online portfolio and invited her to the job.

In a written statement to the Mercury, she claims Mr Houranis boasted about his industry connections and dubbed his little-known fashion label, Sanija Fashion, “the next Victoria’s Secret”.

“It all sounded too good to be true, but a part of me was curious,” said Maddi, who asked that her surname not be published.

“Within the first 30 minutes, I was referred to by names such as ‘sexy blonde’ and ‘fat ass’ … other girls were called ‘big tits’, and so on. Shardz couldn’t complete a sentence without swearing at someone …

“I sat back and watched as Shardz manoeuvred the girls’ hips, shoulders, head, breasts and thighs into positions he liked.
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“Thankfully, I was never touched by Shardz, but I was given a scolding when I didn’t let him.

“As he came to fix my bikini top, I said, ‘It’s fine, I can do that myself, thank you’.

“He told me that by saying this towards him it meant that I was not comfortable being in front of a camera, not comfortable having a ‘model coach’ around and also that I would never make a good [Sanija Fashion] model.”

Maddi told the Mercury she quit the shoot and left without payment, saying she did not want to be contacted again.

The experience had caused her to shift her focus from modelling to professional dancing opportunities, including a cruise ship job that has since provided her with work overseas.

Encounters with “disrespectful and unprofessional” photographers were not uncommon in the industry, she said.

“Websites for modelling, dancing, acting, and extra work are full of fake profiles, and people like [Mr Houranis],” she said.

“I am a member of various Facebook pages … that promote work and promote new models.

“There is always a new post about some dodgy photographer, designer, etc. And the number of these dodgy people seem to be growing.”

The Mercury’s attempts to contact Mr Houranis were unsuccessful.

That doesn’t have the X Factor! Rita Ora is barely recognisable as she suffers fashion fail in denim cut-offs and ill-fitting shirt

She doesn’t always get it right.

And, once again, Rita Ora suffered a fashion fail when she was spotted in New York City’s Soho district on Monday.

The chart-topping star was barely recognisable in her latest sartorial slip-up, which saw her turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

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Not her best look! Rita Ora suffered a fashion fail  in New York City's Soho district on Monday afternoon

Not her best look! Rita Ora suffered a fashion fail in New York City’s Soho district on Monday afternoon

The singer/songwriter, who was recently announced as a new judge on ITV’s X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Nick Grimshaw, stepped out in a pair of baggy denim cut-offs, a white shirt and a wide-brimmed hat.

Capping the look with white sandals and a sheepskin bag, she either tried too hard or not at all.

She even wore her shirt open to reveal a plunging neckline, but even this didn’t stop her wardrobe woes from swamping her.

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