Nikunj will make her Bollywood debut with Revolver Rani





Nikunj Malik’s kin are against her decision to continue in the acting industry, but the actress, who will soon make her Bollywood debut with Revolver Rani, is determined to pursue her dreams.

The 26-year-old joined the TV industry in 2010 with the reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. She went on to feature in other TV shows like Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and 24.

“When I came in the industry, my father was supportive, but now he is not because of his cousins, who are against my acting career,” Nikunj, who plays a Muslim girl in Revolver Rani, told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

“My mother is with me. She is my biggest strength. I am open to all kinds of roles, even item numbers as long as I like them. I am a qualified person, so I can make my own decisions,” she added.

The Faridabad girl and her mother have been receiving threat calls from their relatives. Her mother was also assaulted by them.

When Nikunj sought help from Faridabad (in Haryana) police in July this year, she had to face disappointment.

She visited her hometown during October-end to check on the progress of her complaint filed against her father’s cousins. She was surprised to find that the case had been closed without her consent.

“I went to the police station to know about the complaint and they said, they have closed the case. My father said that his brothers were right,” she said.

Nikunj argues that she is an adult and “without my consent or informing me about it, how can they close it (the case)”.

“Then media got involved and they finally filed an FIR. First they said, they will arrest the culprits. Now they are saying they are enquiring,” said Nikunj, who has medical reports and threat call recordings as evidence.

Although she doesn’t feel secure, she will continue to fight for justice.

“If the police don’t cooperate, I will try and take it to a higher level like women’s commission or even the chief minister. I want security for my mother and me. They are still out,” said Nikunj, who hopes to take the help of media to take her voice to the authorities.

The alumni of the National Institute of Fashion Technology believes that the extended family members are creating obstacles because they don’t want her to be successful.

“They can’t see me progress and move ahead in my career. Somewhere they have an inferiority complex because their kids couldn’t make it anywhere. Half of them are not even graduate,” said Nikunj, who wants to have her own accessories line some day.

“I entered the glamour industry thinking that I will make my name first then launch a line of accessories. Once I settle in the industry, I will launch my own label some day. It will be footwear and bags. It’s my dream project,” she said

Apple Game of the Year Threes! Goes Free

Launched early in 2014, and almost immediately cloned as 1024 and 2048 – both of which ended up being more famous than the original – Threes! is a game that’s also a work of art, and the only reason it was overshadowed by its clones was because unlike them, it was not a free game.

That however is a thing of the past. Well at least on iOS for now. The game is now available for free with ad-support for iPhone and iPad users. Until yesterday, thecheapest you could get it for was Rs. 120 on Android and iOS.

The game has been highly praised for its minimal aesthetic and easy to play mechanics. It’s a pity that a very small charge kept people away from one of the most well-crafted games in recent times, but if you’ve not experienced this game till now, then we urge you to take the plunge just to see how carefully every little detail was made in this game. It’s a beautiful little numbers game, and well worth your time. We’ve been playing it for months now and it was one of our favourite mobile apps and games of last year.

And if mobile games aren’t your thing and if you don’t mind paying, a port for the Xbox One was also launched last year.