Did Sonam Kapoor Just Signal The Arrival Of Autumn?

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Did Sonam Kapoor Just Signal The Arrival Of Autumn?

Whether it is an airport look or a showstopper outfit, we can always trust Sonam Kapoor to get trends rolling. One of the most stylish fashionistas of Bollywood, Sonam is always wowing us with what she wears. Just like this recent look of the actress. Yesterday, Sonam was seen at the airport wearing a NorBlack NorWhite dress over her denims. The rust coloured dress – which signals the arrival of autumn – paired with those black sunglasses and sneakers looked pretty cool. We aren’t so sure about the denims, though. But going by the choice of colour, the ikat pattern, and the texture of the fabric, however, it feels like it is time we get our fall season wardrobe in order.

Autumn is the season of muted colours and shades that move towards darker tones. Purples, oranges, reds, mustards, and browns are the colours one should consider when putting together a fall wardrobe. Warm colours should be your go-to choice. Also, go for textured fabrics that are neither too thin nor too thick. Khadi, cotton flannel, ikat, and silk khadi are some fabrics you can consider. Trends like layering, wearing anti-fit clothes, and mixing patterns are also trends one should keep in mind for fall.

Recently, when we interviewed Sonam at the launch of Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas jewellery store in Delhi, she shared with us a style mantra we should all keep in mind: be yourself and celebrate yourself with whatever you choose to wear, she said. Well, with the onset of autumn, here’s to celebrating ourselves in the most fashionable way we can.

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